Wind Projects Are Being Cancelled

Defense Department Rebuffs Pioneer Green Energy in Maryland - a significant threat to the world-class stealth radar system at Patuxent River Naval Air Station

Fresh on the heels of the denial from the FAA to extend their construction clearance for a wind project in Erie County, PA, Pioneer Green Energy has been dealt another major blow. The US Department of Defense has determined another proposed Pioneer effort, the Great Bay Wind project in Somerset County, Maryland: ... would significantly impair or … [Read More...]

FAA Denies Pioneer Green Energy Extension for Wind Turbine Construction - Air Traffic Control at Erie objected due to significant radar impacts

Pioneer Green Energy was just handed a pretty serious setback in their attempts to keep their proposed Erie County, PA wind turbine project alive. Any structure over 200 feet tall must receive approval from the FAA before construction can begin. Originally, approvals for the 67 turbine locations were issued on September 9th, 2012 and were scheduled … [Read More...]

Where do they want to build wind turbines?

Wind is free – electricity is not

Wind Energy Nonsense Part One: The Wind is Free

Wind energy supporters love to say “the wind is free,” because it seems so obvious and irrefutable, they believe it supports their argument that wind turbines make sense. Unfortunately, “the wind is free,” is a meaningless talking point adding nothing to the wind energy debate and it’s just one of a long series of wind […]

Wind Turbine Collapses

A wind turbine fell over in western PA for no apparent reason.

Wind Turbine Falls Over in Western PA

A 1.5 megawatt wind turbine fell over the other night in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh. Why it fell over has not yet been determined. During the debate here in North East over proper setbacks and public safety, pointing out events like this never seemed to have any impact on the discussion because government […]

North East, PA Wind Project

Wind turbines tower over homes

Wind Turbines and the Promise of Money

Wind turbines bring the promise of money and that can cloud a person's judgement. It certainly doesn't have to, but sometimes, if a person isn't careful, he'll do things out of character, things he would otherwise not do, things he later regrets, simply because the thought of money was so overpowering. Wind developers know this and spin tales of … [Read More...]

Wind turbine blade failure happens

Calculating Wind Turbine Setbacks With Science Instead of Politics

If there is one hot button issue in communities where wind turbines are being discussed, it's setbacks, how far must wind turbines be kept from property lines, roads and occupied buildings. Wind developers want a very short distance so they can install the maximum number of turbines while residents and property owners want them kept as far away as … [Read More...]

Why would anyone not want turbines in their town? They blend right in.

Pioneer Green Energy Faces Lawsuit From Property Owners in Alabama

Pioneer Green Energy's plans to begin building wind turbines in Alabama has run into some legal trouble. A group of 32 property owners near Shinbone Ridge in Alabama have filed suit against Pioneer Green Energy and Noccalula Wind LLC over the industrial wind project planned on Lookout Mountain. The property owners near Shinbone Ridge claim the … [Read More...]

Wind energy losing ground

Wind Turbine Maker Gamesa Closing Western PA Manufacturing Plant

The Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, Gamesa, is closing its Ebensburg, PA plant on March 31st. Gamesa USA officials said Tuesday that the closure of the 8-year-old Cambria County plant was prompted by a shift in the market from Pennsylvania and the Midwest to the southwestern United States. The market may be shifting in their eyes, […]

Local Wind Turbine Being Demolished After Failure and History of Ice Throw

A relatively small wind turbine, located at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center on Presque Isle in Erie, PA is being demolished. The wind turbine has been inoperative for quite some time, the blades and the turbine itself had fallen off due to high winds and rather than spend the money to get it repaired and […]

Green Energy Failures

You’re Paying for CleanTech Failures, Wind Energy is Just One

Wind energy is just one of the highly touted “clean” energy sources heavily promoted and subsidized by the US government. Any energy source with the label of clean, green or renewable is supposed to accomplish magical things our conventional energy sources cannot, but when it comes time to produce the energy and create those often […]

Wind energy

Wind energy monet attracting crime and corruption

Government Wind Energy Money Attracting Fraud, Crime and Corruption

Wind energy and free money, what could possibly go wrong? Well, we're beginning to find out. Reports from the United States and around the world show government corruption and even organized crime are starting to make an appearance in this "green" business. Hmm, ... who could have predicted that? Organized crime gets into wind Europol, the … [Read More...]

Wind energy collapsed in 2013

If You Support Wind Energy Can You Handle the Truth?

Have you noticed the massive misdirection now going on? For the last couple of weeks, the internet has been filled with stories about how great wind energy did in 2012. See what they're doing? All of those stories talk about last year, but it's now August of 2013 and, as we recently noted, wind energy has fallen flat ever since. Last quarter, ZERO … [Read More...]

Wind energy has some serious problems

Lack of Demand Puts Another Wind Energy Supplier Out of Business

Wausaukee Composites, a Wisconsin wind turbine parts supplier, closed its doors due to a lack of business. “Wausaukee only recently learned that the primary customer served by the Cuba City facility was closing one of its facilities and would no longer be ordering component parts from Cuba City,” Trueman wrote. He also cited federal tax law … [Read More...]

Wind Turbines

173 foot wind turbine blade comes off during the night at Octillo wind farm

Do Wind Turbine Blades Ever Come Off? – UPDATED

In the same way that you don't usually think about wind turbine fires, you probably don't think about wind turbine blades coming loose and flying off, either, but they do. As the recent storms rolled through Oklahoma, the blade shown above came off and hit a daycare center a quarter mile away. Corrected - see below. Of course, this isn't supposed … [Read More...]